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May 24, Trending Price New. LCD menus are short and to the point. Not bad results, though the rich color in the reflections and houses is subdued. Specifications, design, product name, standard accessories, and release schedule may differ by country or area. By default, the camera uses some kind of basic contrast-detection AF system. As a result, blues tend to be a little grey, and reds tend to be a little pink.

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I was also able to induce some pretty wild nikon coolpix l15 flare with the L15 that gave an interesting, avant garde touch to several of my outdoor shots. Submit a News Tip! Interestingly, the L15 has a user-set custom white balance mode.


Really easy to use and very user-friendly. Lots of camera for the money Decent exposure and color reproduction Couldn’t be much easier to use. When the camera nikon coolpix l15 a face in the frame, it displays a yellow border around the nikon coolpix l15. Compare this to about 60 full resolution files on a MB memory card.

Skylum announces creation of ‘Skylum AI’ artificial intelligence lab. The Nikon Coolpix L15 operates under automatic control most of the time, offering only a handful of user-selectable shooting options. May 28, Flash shots are pretty nikon coolpix l15 by compact-camera standards, making skin tones a little cooler than is probably preferable.

Tune in to find out. May 22, Previous Nikon L models have consistently been good, solid little cameras offering decent image quality and better than average all-around performance for not much money, and with the addition of VR, especially, the L15 provides some advanced features as well in an accessible, nikon coolpix l15 package that epitomizes point and shoot. Pre-focused shutter lag with the Jikon L15 averaged just over.

As you can see, details nikon coolpix l15 are very soft, without really any definition on the mosaic at all.

May 25, lens news. As seen in the shots above, the lens is pretty soft across the board, and as the following shot demonstrates, jikon fall-off at the corners nikon coolpix l15 the frame is pretty pronounced. Within the Nikon L15’s Movie nikon coolpix l15, you can choose between xxand x pixel resolutions with differing frame rates, or opt for Stop-motion movie mode.

Unfortunately, the information overlay does not include the aperture and shutter speed settings, so you don’t have much of an idea of what the camera is up to exposure-wise. LCD menus are short and 1l5 the point.

Nikon Coolpix L15

What’s the best camera coolplx shooting landscapes? The retractable barrel itself, while made primarily of plastic, feels solid, and our test unit was rattle free in this regard.

The purpose of this kind of advanced feature on a camera like the L15 is probably worth questioning in any case, and the fact that it performed surprisingly poorly our card-calibrated test shots nikon coolpix l15 consistently too cool makes its inclusion even stranger. Nikon coolpix l15 waterproof pack with Camera Capsule insert review.

While we work through our full review, check out our preliminary sample gallery to get a feel for how it performs. Small, pocketable size Nikon coolpix l15 selection of preset shooting modes Good color and exposure Large 2.

Can’t think of anything I don’t like about it.

Like most things, you get what you pay for. Leaked ‘Phantom 5’ was just a custom-built Phantom 4 Pro. Nikon L15 Review Tweet Share.

Nikon Coolpix L15 Specs – CNET

And D-Lighting can be applied to improve underexposed images or shots taken with too much backlight. And the no-nonsense design of the body itself assures a solid nikon coolpix l15 combined with the inviting balance of flowing surfaces contrasted by sharp edge lines. The function is designed nikon coolpix l15 allow for quick shooting parameter changes in variable light conditions. Auto white balance does a good job with flash pictures under mixed lighting, however, and with red-eye reduction enabled, most of these kinds of issues were well controlled.

In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for parents, and recommended the best.