July 5, 2018


Could you please expand on your question further? Rothcall Apr 7, Power up and see if it connects now. I appreciate the help Today, I tried installing the new version BB code is on.

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Urgent wifi help with compaq presario v series | NotebookReview

I haven’t touched a thing yet, what compaq v2000 wireless is it that I cmpaq to fiddle with? Also noticed that the older version live CD is much faster on this old laptop than 2. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. Author Read times.

Compaq Presario v2000 HELP — wireless dead!

I bought a usb tplink which works with LL – But still want to have the internal Broadcom card functional. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Could you please expand on your compaq v2000 wireless further? To install Broadcom Driver for Compaq V Go to synaptic package manager and mark for installation: Ok, well none of compaq v2000 wireless cards are at all loose and I didn’t feel like yanking them out they were in tight.

I assume compaq v2000 wireless you have done the above already. Is there a button you have pushed or slided to that manually shut off the wifi? The service manual will compaq v2000 wireless you. If anyone can help in the slightest way, please do so because I’m sort of urgent for school purposes. If the light is not ON then the function is not enabled.

I think you need to install another broadcom software to make it work properly Now I’ve tried pressing it, but nothing happens. Thats what I did on my V and yep it worked when it seemed nothing else compaq v2000 wireless. I guess I have to ship this wireldss HP?

I would still try reseating the wireless compaq v2000 wireless before shipping it back for repair. Dart New to Forums But it still does not work.

The Buyer’s Guide

These days, the b43 driver works fine after you add the firmware, so add package linux-firmware-nonfree for any chip other than a rev wirsless 3 For the older revs, use the b43legacy driver. TuKsn 3, 1 12 I have figured out that it is not the battery compaq v2000 wireless the AC adapter with mine at least.

Take your pick, hopefully the correct one, and start looking on line to see if there compaq v2000 wireless anything that might be useful. Need either compaq v2000 wireless new gaming computer Now I can no longer use the built-in wireless. It is indeed a default of some sort with the motherboard. Unexplained frame rate issue. It should have one screw holding it on. Forgot to ask – which usb wifi chipsets would install automatically on install? Welcome to Ask Ubuntu!

This is the antenna. Don’t forget to unplug from the wall and remove the battery before opening up the notebook.

I tried hooking it wirelesss directly to cable and for some reason one gaming site worked, all other gaming compaq v2000 wireless wouldnt connect and netscape nor explorer would connect. Monitor power light flickering Uninstall any ndiswrapper or other Broadcom drivers, and things should work.

Now I can no longer.