June 10, 2018


For more information about settings, see the help text of the printer driver. If you want to set the printer emulation, you can do it using the Remote Printer Console Program. Note If the printer does not operate as you expect it to, it is recommended that you perform a user reset or factory reset with the switches or unplug the printer. Hold the drum unit flat and install the new drum unit into the printer. Place the multi-purpose sheet feeder, documents, and drum unit assembly in the carton box as shown below.

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Open the top cover and drum cover of the printer. If an unrecoverable error occurs, the printer indicates the need for a brothher call by lighting all the lamps and then a brother hl-630 indicating the nature of the service error alternately. Wrap the printer in the brother hl-630 bag and place it in the carton box with the Styrofoam.

If the same problem occurs after cleaning, replace the drum unit brother hl-630 a new one. Page 3 In Canada If you have comments or suggestions, please write us at: Print Quality Chapter 5.

Close the top cover, the drum cover, the paper support wire, and the output tray. You can use it to adjust brother hl-630 amount of toner applied to the paper. The interface hardware may brother hl-630 damaged, hl-30 your dealer. If toner cartridges are left unpacked for a long period of time, the toner life is shortened. Brougham10, 12 point, Brougham 12, 10 bother Brother hl-630 Gothic Page 68 incorrectly wired or too longincorrect setting of your computer serial interface.

Cleaning with volatile liquids such as thinners or benzene will damage the brothee of the printer. Paper Jams Do not pull the jammed paper from the output tray.

The printer automatically recovers from most errors, but you may need to reset the printer with the switches as described below.

If you have encountered problem, find the question relating to your problem brother hl-630 take the steps recommended to correct the problem. Caution Only unpack a drum unit immediately before installing it into brother hl-630 printer.

If the error occurs again, the interface hardware may be damaged, consult your dealer.


The label shown on the back brother hl-630 the printer indicates brother hl-630 with the FDA regulations and must be attached to laser products marketed in the United States. For other characters, see the character set of Roman 8.

Page 18 Envelopes with clasps Envelopes of brother hl-630 construction Envelopes not sharply creased Embossed envelopes Envelopes already printed with a laser printer Envelopes pre-printed brother hl-630 the inside Envelopes that cannot be arranged uniformly when placed in a pile 2—2 Fig.

Hl series high-quality laser printers with built-in duplex 6 pages. The data has been sent to the printer but the printer did not receive the Page Eject command print screens do not send this command. Close the drum cover and press until the locking pegs click into position and then close the top cover. Wipe dirt and dust away from the printer exterior and feeder with brother hl-630 cloth.

You may use cleaning alcohol isophorol with a cotton swab to wipe the rollers brother hl-630. Connecting the Serial Interface Cable Note This section is only for printer models which have had the serial interface installed. One brother hl-630 I can tell you is 6—16 The problem may disappear during extended use, if the printer has not been used for a long time.

Page 59 Note If the printer does not operate as you expect it to, it is recommended brother hl-630 you perform a user reset or factory reset with the switches or unplug the printer.

Free Shipping On Brother HL-630 Supplies HL630.

Setting the Serial Interface Parameters Note This section is only for brother hl-630 models which have had the serial interface installed. Page 7 AC outlet after checking the rating of the local power supply for hl-60 printer brother hl-630 operate properly and safely.

Brother hl-630 up the Printer Hardware Warning You can only use a Brother genuine toner cartridge. It is recommended that you save and use the original packaging. If the switch is released before all the lamps are turned on, the reset function does not work.