May 18, 2018


Thanks for the info about the c I have the same problem on 2 of my c’s. It’s more effort than a global reset that returns everything back to zero, but more useful because you know when to carefully watch the printer output — to prevent a reset toner runs out part way through a job without you realizing and inadvertently printing pages missing a colour! On my printer this sensor system often generates error warnings, but I just ignore them. No should and could. To leave the counter set menus, turn the printer off. You are right about the toner in the cartridge, but wrong about your statement!

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Feed oki c5800n known thickness of paper and carefully watch the printer to see what thickness it detects. I don’t think you can reset the using the reset procedure.

I have noticed previously that this ‘hard reset’ will oki c5800n the network settings. Some says oki c5800n fine, and others say it’s the Devil hisself. There’s no LED display so I guess omi a manual thing. What should I do now to reset m drum counts?

And to to write down. After refilling the cartridges, I could not clear the.


Worst color laser for quality of the product itself. The oki c5800n difference I noticed between the Dubber toner oki c5800n the Oki toner is that the Dubber toner isn’t okii as glossy. Okidata support told me it was a black drum problem after I sent them sample prints.

Ya well oki c5800n wrong. I had a similar situation where the waste toner had not been removed and the waste toner spring mechanism along the bottom of the drum unit had actually snapped because the waste toner had backed up. The black and cyan are getting the most dirt because they face down. For the amount of money saved, I can live oki c5800n that. The toner arrived fast!

They work great with new drums. Only Magenta looks OK.


Oki c5800n i print in full color everything prints except black. Thanks everyone, great site and great help. Instead you change the life limit to get more use out of the drum. Since it means an outlay of several thousand dollars for four 22 pound bags of CMYK toner, I need to know I’m buying from the right supplier.

I took a Cyan starter cartridge from a and emptied out the toner that was left in it after the machine said it was empty. Has anyone had oki c5800n with premature failure of black drums??? Since all the toner cartridges don’t go empty at one time, what do you oki c5800n once you have performed this ‘global’ reset? So far, I don’t have many answers, except that it seems the oki c5800n toner is more readily available than the glossy. Thanks for the link.

Responding to a message from a long time ago, but if oki c5800n have inadvertantly cleared NV table 1 you need to initialize your network card. Hopefully this will be the solution tom the “bad toner problem.

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I have an oki n and bought some toner refill. Might be simpler to buy a new drum from uninet. I thought instructions would work but they don’t I was able to disable toner sensor with the Oki maintenance utility I got it from this web page on another thread.

Would that koi anything? Oki c5800n to Okidate I will need to take this machine in and either pay to havea high level maintence reset done or oki c5800n someone to install oki c5800n controller board. Or you can cut a hole in the side of the cartridge where the waste tank is and vacuum out toner. If someone have any idea how to reset counters on this printer, I can check it ; best regards Piotr Polok – unknown. Oki c5800n c5800nn find it anywhere. How far are you getting in the various steps?

I called Dubber and told them I had ordered toner for a There was still a little left okii the bottle, okii I figure I got about grams into the starter cartridge. Sorry for the “dumb” questions, but I’m a newby at this sort of thing. Hold in the “Test” button on the network card. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Drum creams supposedly work by putting extra hard shine on drum like shoeshine But do you need the reset fuses for the drums and belt.

The print box on the computer screen is showing drum life black. Very clear instructions which oki c5800n easy to understand oki c5800n these Oki c5800n There is lki additional problem of separate power switches for the printer and the MPF unit. Toner sometimes gets on the lenses. If it doesn’t get emptied, it will eventually clog up and stop various plastic gears from turning and cause error messages concerning the transfer belt.

I buy my aftermarket toners from Uninet and have c5800nn no problems. Thanks for oki c5800n info on where to find it and the part. Oki c5800n anyone had experience okk the drum in the drum mechanism? It also spreads the toner evenly along the cartridge, as the toner tends to run out on one part of a page first. Close the hole with duct tape.