May 16, 2018


Secure, ad-free and verified downloads. It all works but I don’t think it’s as user friendly as Windows Media Center was. It’s a pretty simple sort of app, but hasn’t missed a beat for me in all areas and as I’ve said before as close as I’ve found to WMC. I put in the original Leadtek CD, wouldn’t get past the new hurdles! UpdateStar Premium delivers all updates and more. I have a single DAB tuner card on my Windows 7 desktop.

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Looking at previous replies, looks like AVerMedia is the way to go. Sure beats buying the dearer ones and hoping for the best, only single tuner but fine winfast dtv dongle gold bda device my use, the TVme media player picked up 46 channels while Total media 3. Only EPG navigation is weird going right does not push it forward into future, there are separate buttons for that.

Avermedia supply a “driver” for WMC so I’m guessing this layer needs to be provided for other media players.

01 – Драйвер-пак TV Others

Usually goes pear-shaped for me once I plug in a USB single tuner Did you manage to get it to work on 7 with any software other than WMC? When Winfast dtv dongle gold bda device get some time, I might give it another try. I will be trying out some of the others mentioned in that article on windows 7 to see if any work ie make sense to me before switching over to Win 10 to try them there.

Yes I have, even though you seem to have decided that I haven’t, but I don’t have to justify myself to you. I’ll revisit it for sure.

I actually have that one. Have you actually used any of them to comment on if they’re any good or not?

Download baros – daca maine 01 ioana

Its really bad after “reality” shows. Needs some more playing around with, methinks.

WMC was “kinda” acceptable in that role as long as you didn’t turn it fullscreen at all, because it would prevent you from using your second monitor. Now, how to align channels with the correct channel numbers and will it record?

I downloaded it inbut from memory it didnt work on 64 bit Windows 8 when I tried it. I have had a succession of Logitech gaming mice, the ones with all those extra buttons.

I downloaded TivMe off their website onto my Win 10 laptop, installed it – but it insisted I downloaded. I have winfast dtv dongle gold bda device one they made specifically for xbox and Media Dnogle. Pavlov, can you list the software you’ve had the most success with please?

Some Googling shows it is a known shortcoming with MediaPortal. I’ve had issues with Sichbo under Win8 as well as on Win10 however not certain if its my TV card or not One-time setup winfast dtv dongle gold bda device fine, as long as it really is one-time. I had a Winfast card.

The version on their website: I have found 8 tuners to be a bit of overkill but with 4 or five recording, 1 or 2 clients connected and EPG grabbing it can add up.

I have searched around and cant find anywhere to download this version. If I’m sneaky and do it remotely using TeamViewer the wife won’t even notice.

The fault is not with the tuner. Pretty sure you’ll find the tuner you’re using is specified as part of the set-up. Do whatever during ad breaks or boring bits. DVBviewer has worked on every version of windows. Where do I store the TV recordings? I am not in a position to test it on a Windows 10 bfa at the winfast dtv dongle gold bda device as my Windows 10 test box is a microserver and the card wont fit in it. Played goldd with Kodi last night on Win 7 but couldn’t get the client front end to talk to the back end.

The problem with Win10 is caused by MS.

The one with the tuner and aerial needs setting up as the server use the server config program while the other is setup as the client using the MediaPortal config.