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I have been advised to look at “Handbook of Corrosion Data” published by ASM International and that pages to cover seawater corrosion. Unit Course in Marine Electricity Thus, explosives are substances that contain a large amount of energy stored in chemical bonds.

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Pp wear rate on coated tanks is nil. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Deflagration is a characteristic of low explosive material. I think they link an email address for him, he would probably have some good information for you.

These factors present special hazards that may rule out any practical utility. This was the first federal regulation of licensing explosives purchases. Retrieved downloaf November The only real way to monitor is for regular inspectios, say 6 monthly or even less if you have some doubt about the conditions.

Examples include single-based propellant, double-based propellant, triple-based propellant, and composite propellantssolid propellant rocket motors and ammunition with inert projectiles. Naval Sonar Describes the destroyer, deck mounted torpedo downloda of WW II.

Target Bearing Transmitter, Mark 9O.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

This can happen under higher pressure or temperaturewhich usually occurs when ignited in a confined space. For example, dynamite is a mixture of highly sensitive nitroglycerin with sawdustpowdered silicaor most commonly diatomaceous earthwhich act as stabilizers. Severe corrosion in ballast tanks are often the main reason for scrapping ships, thus this problem should be addressed with care.

There is indeed an inspection program for these tanks; however, some bad decisions were made. It covers basic tube electronics in the beginning, then explains the basic operating instructions for typical WW II radios.

A primary explosive is an explosive that is extremely sensitive to stimuli such as impactfrictionheatstatic electricityor electromagnetic radiation.

Hi DouglasD The rate of corrosion is goven by the aviability of oxygin British Steel has o handbook in respect to sheet pile wall and give guidens in respect to voolume corrosion rate. Nitrogen trichloride Nitrogen tribromide Nitrogen triiodide Nitroglycerin Nitronium perchlorate Nitrotetrazolate- N -oxides Octaazacubane Pentazenium hexafluoroarsenate Peroxy acids Peroxymonosulfuric acid Selenium tetraazide Silicon tetraazide Silver azide Silver acetylide Silver fulminate Silver nitride Sodium azide Tellurium tetraazide tert -Butyl hydroperoxide Tetraamine copper complexes Tetraazidomethane Tetrazene explosive Tetranitratoxycarbon Tetrazoles Titanium tetraazide Triazidomethane Oxides of xenon: Radar Operator’s Manual It was used as an antisurface ship torpedo fired from battleships and torpedo-boats.

In contrast, downlooad materials are merely combustible or flammable if they burn without exploding. Mine Identification ManualO. Some of the more important characteristics are listed below:.

Engineering in the Royal Navy It’s easy to join and it’s free. Close this window and log in.

Explosive material

The strip cipher pfd of WW II. Modern manufacturing is complex, and sometimes indetifying where processes can be improved can seem daunting. In addition, ammonium nitrate is hygroscopic, susceptible to damp, hence the above concerns. Use them for museum interpretation and background information, but do not directly follow them without checking more current and possibly safer mavsea.

Damaged or suspect ammunition of any group belongs in this group. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! Navy WW II equipment.

Laser and electric energy downlozd not currently used in practice to generate most of the required energy, but only to initiate reactions. Found this US Navy site: The velocity with which the reaction process propagates in the mass of the explosive. The Howell Torpedo, This was also used on small surface ships that had fire control, but only one gyro.

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