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Part 1 — The Lab Navigator When opening the program you will encounter the first screen below. If for some reason you closed the package, just locate the Lab Navigator button on the toolbar in the Simulator. The alternative, of course, is to obtain the spiral-bound paperback printed version of the courseware.

Mac OS X users can download a. Click on the File menu item. Left click the Device you want to terminate. Click the Open option. Page 30 Step 4: Pick one to continue with the tutorial, or try experimenting with all four methods.

Control Panel main Menus Control Panel main menus Located on the top of the Control Panel horizontal toolbar page and accessed one of two ways. Server section for more details.

Netsim Ccna Sequential Lab Manual

;df Frame Relay is configured separately. File Naming Conventions Appendix D: Although printed books have been and always will be a convenient means of carrying information with you, tomes such as certification study guides can be cumbersome to juggle alongside your briefcase, your laptop bag, your lunch, and the various mobile bosoh you carry along on your daily jaunt through this thing called modern life. The images below display the Javelin reader running tutorila an iPad: This means that if you are practicing labs that are not the included within the Cisco CCNA Network Simulator labs, then this feature must first be configured to expect the correct lab input.

If you have not done so already, click on the Routers button located at the top of your screen and select “Router1”. This is a useful tool to ensure you are mastering the skills required for the CCNA.


If using the Add Connector Wizard, select Ethernet to be guided through the process. Browse to the location of your topology file remember, the default file extension for topology files is “. When the file system navigation dialog appears, navigate to the location where you saved the.

Scrolling through the list of labs to grade The three basic steps to use the Lab Grader: Wipe Out the Bosson Network? Please notify the publisher immediately of any suspected piracy at: To select an Interface Connection Type 1. From the usermode type logout or exit to leave the router. Each of the buttons help you with the individual lab. After providing the code, tap Authorise to activate the document.

The images below display the Javelin reader running on an Android device: The default NetMap for the lab is shown below: Use the Lab Grader tool to check your lab answers configs. It is important to note that the self-grade utility must be expecting the included lab configuration to function properly.

Documents with a yellow block beside them are downloaded but not yet activated. Manually Connecting Frame Relay, Continued…. The first time you tap a document bosoj download and activate it, you will be presented with a Code for document form, where you can type or paste the activation code from your Boson e-mail receipt.

How to Activate and Use Boson’s Digital CCNA Courseware

Documents that have a green block next to them have been both downloaded and activated on the device. This will open up in Adobe Acrobat.

In order to have a lab that the Grade My Lab feature can accommodate, you must perform the following steps: Select The Lab, Grade The Lab Select the lab To select the lab you are working on, click on the down arrow to the right of the drop down box and select the lab you are working on. For Windows, download and launch the javelinsetup. The first time you open a Boson courseware document, you will be presented with an AuthCodeActivity form where you can type or paste the activation code from your Boson e-mail receipt.

Like the desktop version of the app and its iPad cousin, you can access an interactive outline of the table of contents or perform custom keyword searches of the entire document contents.

Page 31 Step 4: Naturally, the Javelin installation procedure you use depends on the platform you choose. Page 64 If adding a Router, there are 2 ways for how you would like to find the interfaces you require. Tap the bosoncatalog icon, and then tap the courseware file you want to download and open. How you open and activate the courseware inside Javelin depends on which platform you choose. With the ability to guide and self-grade, the Cisco CCNA Network Simulator can actually be more helpful than using real routers and switches.

Norton Personal Firewall Telnet port For this example, we will assume that you are using a book or studying from the Cisco published objectives.